Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Metal Manufacturing Protects Lost Profits Due to Machine Deficiencies


Metal Manufacturing: Understanding the Industry

The manufacturing industry is responsible for creating many of the products consumers use every day. Manufacturing is defined as the production of merchandise for use or sale using labour machines and tools, or formulation. Raw materials are transformed into finished goods often with the use of machinery. These goods are sold to other manufacturers who use these finished parts in creating a more complex product, (i.e. automobiles or aircraft,) or "as is” to wholesalers or retailers. Many of these products are created for specifically designated manufacturing sectors. Manufacturing businesses insure the health and safety of their employees and protect the physical building – but what about the equipment used to make these products? Equipment breakdown coverage for metal manufacturing plants are available and comprehensive. It protects qualifying businesses with the appropriate coverage to protect against profit loss or other safety issues that come from equipment breakdown.


Complex Machines Drive the Industry

Metal fabricating trades can be classed into one of the following categories:

  • Casting– Die, mold, sand, resin, etc.
  • Imaging/Coating– plating, laser engraving, inkjet printing
  • Moulding– plastics, shrink wrapping, shrink fitting
  • Forming– forging, rolling, extrusion, bending, shearing, stamping
  • Machining– milling, turning, planning and industrial finishing
  • Joining– welding, soldering, press fitting
  • Additive Manufacturing – 3D printing, laminating

Protecting Profitability in Metal Manufacturing

Each of these industries have complex machines that create products through a variety of methods. With so many moving parts, one deficiency can have a major impact on material production. Comprehensive insurance packages are available from successful insurance providers that take into account equipment breakdown and the impact this can have on a business. One such policy that GTA insurance brokers like Regional Insurance offers is from Aviva Canada. This includes industrial and manufacturing insurance for:

  • Commercial Property
  • Boiler and Machinery – also known as equipment breakdown coverage
  • Business Interruption– due to equipment breakdown
  • Crime Coverage – considering both external and internal theft
  • Commercial General Liability – including risks south of the border in the U.S. (for Canadian employees only)
  • Umbrella, Wrap-up and Excess Liability
  • Commercial Automobile – for both individual and fleet

Companies like Aviva also have industry specific coverage that can target specific trades in the metal manufacturing industry. Partnering with a broker like those with Regional Insurance who are based locally in the GTA and have years of experience will help business owners dissect different insurance products. Their experience can help when choosing the right policy that will have the best coverage for individual needs.


When equipment breakdowns happen in a metal manufacturing plant, it doesn’t have to be a detrimental impact on production and profitability. Go beyond the basics of manufacturing insurance to take a look at policies that specifically detail protection against equipment breakdown for metal manufacturing. This coverage can be specific to most trades in the metal manufacturing sector and have tremendous benefit in the long run!

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